How to Win an Election

If you were Prime Minister Gordon Brown fighting for his leadership and The Labour Party’s re-election, then you may want to utilize every available tool to help you communicate your beliefs, values, and messages directly to the Electorate. Twitter? Advertising? PR day excursions to UK supermarkets? Or Press Conferences that occur with such regularity that they sound like a continuation of the same conversation? Naturally these methods of modern day marketing help all political Parties to raise their profile and contribute to that final moment – Election Day – when one lucky winner (or winners) will breakthrough. But the most essential ingredient for success aren;t the slick polished speeches or the brisk one-liners they deliver, it’s that age old additive – be yourself!
So how do you know who’s the real Gordon, Nick or David? Let’s take a breeze through the Numerology of our inspired Leaders names, and explore their potential to see what real difference a name can make. Name vibrations are extremely potent and powerful, and they influence every area of life, from how people perceive you, to the experiences you encounter, and how you react and act in life.
First up is Gordon Brown. Gordon was actually born James Gordon Brown, and he’s been using his middle name ‘Gordon’ for his entire professional career. The First Name highlights major goals and intentions, and it’s there to help you achieve your desires. To lose this name is to go through life feeling like there’s something missing. So it’s James to the rescue.
James (translated into numbers from the alphabet) adds up to 12; 1+2 = 3. James’s in general are Good Men – they tend to be kind, considerate, self confident, caring and generous. They are real hands on helpers who get things done because they’re talented at multi- tasking and fussy over details. They’re witty, expressive, and humorous, and take life in their stride. So when you’ve seen Gordon laughing, joking and smiling like a Cheshire Cat over the whole of the Election Campaign, you’ve been witnessing James (3) energy bursting out. Will the real Gordon Brown please stand up? James (12) + Brown (27) adds up to 39/12/3. Yet more 3’s in his names spotlighting his gifts and qualities.
Next on the list… is it Nick or Nicholas? Nick adds up to 19; 1+9 = 10; 1+0 = 1 and this is the name Liberal Democrat leader Clegg has chosen to help him represent his Party. This name highlights strong leadership, ambition, power, and idealism. Nicholas adds up to 36; 3+6 = 9, which brings in the qualities of idealism, compassion, knowledge, and creativity. So which name can help the Lib Dems to win the Election? The name Nick can help him to focus on achieving his goals but Nicholas can enhance and broaden his appeal. Nicholas (36) + Clegg (25) = 61; 6+1=7. His names together highlight trust, the motivation to instigate change, and a desire to stay one step ahead of the game.
David or Dave? David adds up to 22; 2+2 = 4. This name is associated with security, endurance, loyalty, and stability, and brings with it deep emotional sensitivity. His other name Dave adds up to 14; 1+4 = 5; using this name can help him to take risks, be more attractive, popular and magnetic or enhance his gift for communication. David (22) + Cameron (33) = 55; 5+5 = 10; 1+0 = 1. His overall names highlight leadership abilities and can help to enhance his performance when he’s communicating or putting new ideas across. Number 5 also happens to be the number for change, so David is the right person for the job as The Conservatives Election Campaign slogan is, ‘Vote For Change’.
So in this Election Campaign every Party is in with a fair chance to win, but what would happen during a Hung Parliament? Let’s take a brief look at their names and the possibilities our Leaders may experience when their potential is blended together. These are the names they’re using for the Campaign: –
GORDON (37) + NICK (19) = 56/11/2. Great for power sharing, collaboration, developing management skills, wisdom; this vibration can speed up the process of change.
DAVID (22) + NICK (19) = 41/5. Great for shaking up systems, leadership, communication, endurance; this vibration can be a force for tangible change.
DAVID (22) + GORDON (37) = 59/14/5. Great for communicating knowledge, adaptability, common sense, analysis; this vibration can fuel the process of change (by first looking within self and society in order to see what’s needed).

The Leaders each represent a Political Party. So what is the true essence of their Party’s Mandate?
LABOUR = 24/6: service, fairness, community, security and comfort.
CONSERVATIVES = 55/10/1: communication of ideas, leadership, change.
LIBERAL DEMOCRATS = 67/13/4: service, growth, responsibilities, trust.

© Copyright Sonia Ducie 2010

2 comments to How to Win an Election

  • Pravda

    Interesting how names – even those unused in everyday life – have a bearing on our behaviour. It begs a question: when people change their names, can they truly escape the influence of their birth names, which, presumably they are trying to do? It seems not entirely.
    Thanks for the blog, v. interesting. I will read through the others mow.

  • Pravda

    PS from your analysis as we have David and Nick (41/5) it looks like you are correct: change and innovation aplenty!

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